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*This fact was submitted by Kerry Garvin via the Submit Your Facts form.

The exact amount of kids that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has fathered has been a hugely debated topic the last few years. Is it ten, three, fifteen, zero, twenty-five? Nobody knows for sure. And in this day and age, quite frankly, it is is really hard to tell. It’s not like there is a magic box out there where we can just type in our questions and it will give us answers. If only it were that easy.

No matter which side of the debate you fall on, Factchecker5000 is here to set the record straight. We will get to the bottom of this Eli Manning kids debacle.

We recently constructed a hand written letter, specifically addressed to Eli Manning himself. It reads:

Dear Eli Manning,

How many kids do you have? I would like to know.

Fact Checker McGee

Eli Manning has yet to respond but we will let you know as soon as he does. Until then, we will have no way of knowing for sure how many kids Eli Manning has. So you can all stop arguing about it like a bunch of ding dongs.

Consider this fact to be a fact-check-in-progress.